WooCommerce features are enough to edit a small number of products, but when there are thousands of products, the question arises of their mass editing.

Suppose you need to change the prices in all products. If the product is ordinary, it is easy to change the price: click “Properties” of the product, set a new price.

Быстрые свойства товара в Вукомерс

If the product is variable (it has several different variations), then to change the price you need to go to a separate product, find the tab “Product data”, the item “Variations”, open each variation, reach the desired line (the line with the price is not always at the beginning), enter a new price, click “Update”. This process must be repeated for each variation of each product. This is not very convenient and takes a very long time.

Настройки вариативного товара в Вукомерс

Moreover, it is usually not possible to open several products for editing, as the site may freeze.

To speed up the process, you can use plugins for batch editing products. One of the working plugins is WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit (plugin link). The paid version costs $34 one-time.

Общий экран WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit

The plugin creates its own page for editing products in the site admin panel.

To get started, click “Download products” – a table of products will appear.

You have full control over the columns: show/hide and their order.

You can change the short description of the goods, the main description, the article, photos, tags, prices, stock availability and dozens of other fields.

If you have made changes to a cell, it is highlighted in red. After completing all the edits on the page, click “Save changes” at the top, and in a few seconds all changes will be made to the products. Huge time savings.

Редактор WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit

To make it easier to identify products by photo, you can turn on their magnification on hover in quick settings.

Увеличить фото WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit

There is a filter (search) above the product table to narrow down the list of output products by a number of criteria: quantity, status, name, etc. For example, to find all missing products, set “less than 1” in the quantity field. Press Enter to run.

Фильтр WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit

Separately, you can filter product variations by checking the box to the right of “Download Products”.

You can also make batch changes. Enable the bulk editing checkbox. Now the changes you make in one product will be applied to all selected products.

Вариации WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit

For display in the table and editing, you can add your own fields (custom fields). To do this, you need to enter the field key from the database and specify the data type, or automatically by clicking “Find custom fields”.

Custom fields WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit

Conclusion: This is a useful plugin if you need to edit many WordPress products.

You can download the plugin from the link.

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