How to receive orders on Freelancehunt
Freelancehunt page

We recorded a video instruction for beginners on how to make money on the Freelancehunt freelance. The following are described in detail: registration on #Freelanceshunt; verification; filling out a profile; adding works to the portfolio; benefit from the paid Profile Plus; the need to participate in community life; how to choose your project and get […]

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Why switch to HTTP/2
Тварюшки, демонстрирующие величие HTTP/2

Although it is 2021, there are sites that run on HTTP/1.1, and the owners of such sites have to argue for the need to switch to HTTP/2. We will not describe the differences in protocols (you can read about this here), but we will share a link to visualize such differences. On the page […]

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Subscription service for sites

We have a new service. Now you can transfer your WordPress site to a subscription service and not worry about its work: we take responsibility for ensuring the stable operation of the site. Full description of the service and tariff plans. At the moment, there are 3 tariff plans available for selection. Each of the […]

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Database of clients and projects for freelancers
Статистика заказов и проектов: включение расчета данных

Over time, freelancers need to organize information about clients and completed projects. And here you will need a special Database of clients and projects for freelancers. What is “one more notebook” for? There are often situations when you need to find information about a project completed some time ago, or its client. Sometimes it is […]

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Fake website speedup
Fake pagespeed results

There are a lot of specialists who provide website speedup services on WordPress. Of course, not everyone uses honest acceleration methods; instead, they do fake optimizations. First, let’s answer the question: Why is website speed optimization needed? fast, correct loading of content for site visitors; a high level of PageSpeed for Google, which affects the […]

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Online website speed check
Why is website loading speed so important?

Some of the main optimizer tools are PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix. With their help, you can find out the site speed indicators, as well as the main points that require optimization. Now you can check your PageSpeed scores and site speed right on the main page of our site.

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How to add DMARC to emails and receive reports weekly
Структурированный отчет DMARC - часть 1

If you are seriously setting up your own website and have already connected corporate mail, you may have heard of DKIM and DMARC records. Without going into the technical aspect, let’s just say that both records contribute to the delivery of your emails directly to the recipients, and not to the “Spam” folder (or worse). […]

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Why not use Cloudflare?
GTmetrix рекомендует использовать CDN

Many developers consider it their duty to connect a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to the site in order to speed up the site, make it safer, and also guarantee the availability of the site when the hosting is down. Moreover, the same GTmetrix strongly recommends using a CDN. Moreover, there is a feeling that the […]

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