If you are seriously setting up your own website and have already connected corporate mail, you may have heard of DKIM and DMARC records.

Without going into the technical aspect, let’s just say that both records contribute to the delivery of your emails directly to the recipients, and not to the “Spam” folder (or worse).

The DKIM record is almost always issued by the mail server, but you need to write DMARC yourself, based on your goals.

Структурированный отчет DMARC - часть 1

Standard view of a new record:


After you set up the mail and analyze the DMARC responses-reports, you can edit this record like this:

_dmarc.YOURDOMAIN.COM. TXT "v=DMARC1;aspf=s;p=reject;sp=reject"

The difficulty lies, however, in the fact that these reports will come every day and the form will not be the most understandable.

Письмо на почту с отчетом DMARC
Отчет DMARC кодом

If you are not a programmer at heart and prefer to look not at the code, but at its visualization, then for you there are several services for automatic processing of DMARC reports.

One of theme is there.
Completely free.
When registering, you indicate your domain and mail. After that, you will receive DMARC reports only once a week and already in a structured form. Agree, is it convenient?

Структурированный отчет DMARC - часть 1
Структурированный отчет DMARC - часть 2
Структурированный отчет DMARC - часть 3

If you need help setting up DMARC, you can easily create a project task on the Freelancehunt and get qualified help quickly and inexpensively. Or just contact us.

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