How to beat profanity (foul words) in comments on the WordPress platform? We have a solution – the SpeedPlus AntiMat plugin.

After developing the SpeedPlus OptiMini plugin, we decided to create a new censorship plugin that really improves the life of blog owners and online stores on WordPress. Interestingly, this plugin will be useful to absolutely everyone, regardless of the size of the site and its theme. The only prerequisite is that commenting on the site must be allowed.

What the plugin SpeedPlus AntiMat does?

The plugin checks the text of comments when they are added and, if it detects obscene words, replaces them (profanity) with the word you specified.

The plugin censor comments in Cyrillic and Latin. Therefore, the plugin effectively works with swear comments in English, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian and other languages.

Main features of the plugin

  • Replacing filthy (profan, obscene) language with the word you specified.
  • Checking comments when adding. (Previously added comments will not be corrected.)
  • Available settings in the admin panel: own bad words list, replacement word and its color.
  • You can replace swearing in comments with one word, signs, a whole sentence, or just a space.
  • You can also add new obscene words in WP dashboard.
  • The plugin is translated into the following languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English.

Download plugin

Плагин SpeedPlus AntiMat доступен для скачивания в каталоге WordPress

The plugin is and always will be free.

In the comments, you can write wishes for the plugin’s functions, as well as leave a review. If you find bad words that pass the plugin filter, then write them in the comments, please, so that we expand the plugin’s vocabulary.

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