Over the years, the Speed + team has accumulated a lot of information about various website hosting providers. We administer constantly or perform one-time work on many sites, so we know well which hosting services work better and faster, and which ones are better to avoid.

On this page, we will present a comparison of the most popular hosting providers with an indication of their rates and reviews. And of course all of these hosts are suitable for hosting a WordPress site.

Price per monthfrom $5from $6from $2
Price per yearfrom $100from $50from $20
FeaturesHostingHosting, VPS, Dedicated Servers, DomainsHosting, VPS, Dedicated Servers, Domains
Available CMSWordPressWordPress, Joomla, Opencart, Modx, Drupal, PHPbb, Prestashop, October CMS and othersWordPress, Joomla, Opencart, Modx, Drupal, PHPbb, Prestashop, October CMS, Bitrix, CS-Cart, Datalife (Dle), Magento and others
Sites availablefrom 5 sitesfrom 1 sitefrom 5 sites
Disk spacefrom 10 GBfrom 3 GBfrom 5 GB
PHP Memory384 MBfrom 512 MB512 MB
PHP version5.4 – 7.45.2 – 8.05.2 – 7.3
Control PanelCustom, simpleCustom, advancedcPanel, BrainyCP, ISPmanager
Mail server
copies are kept for a month
copies are kept for 12 days
2 times a week
only one copy is kept
Free SSL
Test period14 days5 days7 days
Technical supportEmail, phone
reply during the day
Chat, tickets
reply within 20 minutes
Chat, tickets
reply within 30 minutes
ConclusionReliable hosting with a minimum of settings
An excellent choice if you need a ready-to-work website right away
Powerful Hosting for High Traffic Sites
Almost unlimited upgrade and acceleration options
Hosting with a great price/performance ratio
Best option if hosting cost comes first

In the comments below, you can leave your feedback regarding the listed hosting.

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