If you purchased a theme from Themeforest, then when installing the theme on your site on WordPress, you may encounter the fact that the theme is not activated.

Of course, you enter the correct Item Purchase Code in the appropriate field on the Theme License settings page. However, you get the same message: Purchase code is not valid!

Purchase code is not valid

There can be several reasons for such a message and the very inability to activate the theme:

  • Your site is unable to contact the theme developer’s servers to validate the license. The addresses of such servers may be blocked by your hosting provider. You need to ask your hosting provider to remove the corresponding restrictions.
  • You have disabled the curl extension, which is required for the registration process. Turn it on.
  • The hosting provider has set some restrictions. Ask him to temporarily disable all restrictions for your account and deactivate firewalls for the time of registration.
  • After purchasing a theme, it should take some time (up to 1 day) until your license code gets into the database, which is being checked.

Points listed are based on answers from paid theme developers and Envato.

Your product is registered now

If all else fails, then feel free to contact Envato, Themeforest, and the theme author’s support.

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