One-time work on WordPress sites

WordPress is one of the most convenient and simple platforms for hosting any website: personal page, landing page, online store, online courses, company page, and so on. But, despite all the simplicity, not all tasks can be completed by the user without the help of web developers.

The Speed+ team provides a full range of services for the maintenance and support of sites on WordPress.

WordPress and plugins: install, settings, customize

  • pure WordPress installation
  • connect your domain, change domain
  • installation of any plugins
  • connection of a suitable theme and correct installation of demo content
  • adding a WooCommerce store
  • creation of corporate mail (mailbox in the site domain)
  • SSL connection (secure https)
  • adding contact forms (send a letter, quick order, callback)

Setting up and optimizing WordPress sites

  • redirects (redirection) of individual pages, the entire site, from http to https, from www to no-www, 404-pages
  • full WooCommerce customization: shipping, payment, emails, additional features
  • translation of plugins and themes (templates) for WordPress
  • creating of plugins and adding to the WordPress repository
  • optimization of website loading speed and Google PageSpeed ​​indicators (up to the green zone): deep work with code, files, settings and plugins
  • adding or replacing fonts
  • setting up payment methods (payment by bank details, payment by card, bank transfer)
  • setting up delivery methods (Nova Poshta, Ukrposhta, self-pickup)
  • beautiful menu and site header (header) with “live” phone numbers, Viber, Telegram, etc.
  • setting up the display of advertising banners
  • setting up advertising mailings to clients
  • installation and configuration of a security system on the site (antivirus, firewall, blocking bots, hackers, viruses, etc.)
  • changing the appearance of the site (styles)
  • setting up site caching (cache) to compress the amount of downloaded data and faster page loading
  • optimization of image size without loss of quality
  • installation of product filters
  • basic SEO optimization, adding the site to the main search engines
  • setting up site backups (archiving)

Fixing WordPress Errors

  • mixed content
  • too long loading time of site pages
  • active PHP session
  • the site was unable to complete the loopback request
  • pictures are not loaded or displayed
  • the site crashed after updating the WP or plugins
  • error 5XX (white screen)
  • removal of viruses, advertisements on the site
  • a lot of spam coming from the site? Installing really working spam filters on comments and contact forms
  • errors in the developer console, in the site control panel, PHP errors and notifications
  • forgot the password for the admin panel of the WP

Cost of one-time work on WordPress

The cost of work depends on specific tasks and is calculated on a project-by-project basis.
Hourly rate: $15.

Subscription service for WordPress sites

If you have a website on WordPress, then you need technical support for it.

It doesn’t matter if your site is small or large, simple or complex. Without proper technical support, the site will become an easy target for hackers, a spam funnel, and an outdated, low-rated page.

In large companies, full-time employees (web developer, system administrator), sometimes even entire departments, are engaged in technical support of the site. But not everyone can afford to hire an employee, especially at the present time. A good solution is to attract freelance specialists (freelancers) to maintain the site. In this case, you do not need to register a specialist for work, equip a workplace, pay his taxes, vacation, sick leave. You save up to 98% on the salary of such an employee, since you pay only for the real list of services and the real time spent on work.

Connecting the site to our subscription service will allow you to minimize costs while maintaining the level of site service. You no longer have to look for someone to contact about making changes to the site or just for advice.

The SpeedPlus team accepts any WordPress sites for service:

  • landing pages
  • online stores
  • corporate sites
  • other sites

Subscription service tariffs

Monitoring the stability of the site
Control of payment terms for domain, hosting, SSL certificate
Renewing domain registration, hosting, SSL certificate*
Creating site backupsonce a monthonce a week2 times a week
Updating plugins and WordPressonce a monthonce a weekas updates are released
Updating the site themeonce a monthas updates are released
Protecting your site from viruses, attacks and spam
Priority resolving of planned tasks on the site**
Resolving urgent site issues**< i class="fa fa-check">
Consultations on site operation1 hour per month3 hours per month
Discount for any work on the site5%10%
Report on completed worksonce a monthonce a monthonce a week
Cost per month$80$130$220

* third party services are charged separately.
** paid according to hourly rate.

Subscriber service conditions

  • We provide high-quality administration of the site according to the selected tariff.
  • The monthly subscription fee is paid before the start of the site maintenance period.
  • Payment methods: execution of a contract on the Freelancehunt (preferred) or payment to a bank card.
  • Payment for additional work is carried out upon completion or upon reaching the cost of 2 hours of work.
  • All work is performed during working hours (from 10:00 to 20:00 Kiev time).

Submit a request for site support

To send us a request to work on the site, go to the Contacts page.