WP Rocket cache folder has become huge. What to do?
Запрет объединять скрипты в ВП Рокет

On one of the sites where speed optimization was performed using the WP Rocket plugin, we faced the problem of lack of free space. In the course of research, it turned out that the size of the WP Rocket cache folder /wp-content/cache/min/1/ in less than a month exceeded 10 gigabytes. The problem is quite rare […]

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Cleaning up the WordPress database: 3 best plugins
Стандартный вид таблиц в phpMyAdmin

It is impossible to speed up the site without cleaning up the database (DB). We often need to optimize databases of different sizes: from 20 MB to 2 GB. Of course, cleaning up the database via phpMyAdmin is not an option. Do not forget that you have a WordPress site – everything should be simple […]

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Why theme from Themeforest, Envato won’t activate
Purchase code is not valid

If you purchased a theme from Themeforest, then when installing the theme on your site on WordPress, you may encounter the fact that the theme is not activated. Of course, you enter the correct Item Purchase Code in the appropriate field on the Theme License settings page. However, you get the same message: Purchase code […]

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Fake website speedup
Fake pagespeed results

There are a lot of specialists who provide website speedup services on WordPress. Of course, not everyone uses honest acceleration methods; instead, they do fake optimizations. First, let’s answer the question: Why is website speed optimization needed? fast, correct loading of content for site visitors; a high level of PageSpeed for Google, which affects the […]

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Don’t show subcategory products in main WooCommerce category
Change the logic for displaying products in WooCommerce depending on the category

The most popular ecommerce plugin, WooCommerce, has very few customizations for advanced shop owners. That is, if you need something non-standard, you won’t be able to implement it by pressing a button or a checkbox. But (!) no one says that this is impossible. You just need the help of a programmer. The next request […]

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WPBakery: how to enable the Frontend Editor
В настройках WPBakery нельзя выбрать Frontend Editor

WPBakery (Visual Composer) – especially good with the Frontend Editor activated, when you can immediately see your edits on the page. But how do you enable or activate it? Read on for the answer. Enable Frontend Editor A fairly simple answer to the first question.Go to the WPBakery menu in the General settings (/wp-admin/admin.php?page=vc-general), then […]

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How to disable Cyrillic or Latin characters at checkout in Woocommerce
Disable Cyrillic on WordPress

Recently, our client give as interesting task: to disable the Cyrillic alphabet when placing an order in WooCommerce.The client has a WordPress shop. And although the store’s website is in Russian, delivery comes from China, where the Cyrillic alphabet is not understood. The client had to independently translate the address data of buyers into English, […]

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WP Rocket: debunking myths
WP Rocket logo

Anyone who has ever optimized their WordPress site has heard of WP Rocket (link), a popular website speedup plugin. In this post, we are debunking the myths about this plugin, which it undeservedly overgrown with. Main differences WP Rocket significantly different from other optimization plugins, including from the free SpeedPlus Optimini plugin: It cannot be […]

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How to add DMARC to emails and receive reports weekly
Структурированный отчет DMARC - часть 1

If you are seriously setting up your own website and have already connected corporate mail, you may have heard of DKIM and DMARC records. Without going into the technical aspect, let’s just say that both records contribute to the delivery of your emails directly to the recipients, and not to the “Spam” folder (or worse). […]

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Why not use Cloudflare?
GTmetrix рекомендует использовать CDN

Many developers consider it their duty to connect a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to the site in order to speed up the site, make it safer, and also guarantee the availability of the site when the hosting is down. Moreover, the same GTmetrix strongly recommends using a CDN. Moreover, there is a feeling that the […]

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