On one of the sites where speed optimization was performed using the WP Rocket plugin, we faced the problem of lack of free space. In the course of research, it turned out that the size of the WP Rocket cache folder /wp-content/cache/min/1/ in less than a month exceeded 10 gigabytes.

The /wp-content/cache/min/1/ folder has exceeded a reasonable size

The problem is quite rare and appears on sites with dynamic JavaScript. Such scripts, if combined, are saved in separate files, which over time leads to a significant consumption of free space on the server.

There are two solutions. Find the very scripts and exclude them from the combine or uncheck the “Merge scripts” checkbox in the plugin settings.

Preventing the combining of scripts in the WP Rocket

Then check the problem folder again. If its size has not changed, then manually delete all files from it. That’s it, the problem is solved.

More about WP Rocket read here.

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