WPBakery (Visual Composer) – especially good with the Frontend Editor activated, when you can immediately see your edits on the page. But how do you enable or activate it? Read on for the answer.

Enable Frontend Editor

A fairly simple answer to the first question.
Go to the WPBakery menu in the General settings (/wp-admin/admin.php?page=vc-general), then select the Role Manager tab and already in it set the rights for the administrator: opposite the Frontend editor, select the Enabled value.

After that, you can edit any page on the frontend with WP Bakery.

But what if the Frontend editor item is missing in the settings?

Activating the hidden frontend editor

The hidden Frontend editor can still be enabled, but it should be understood that if the Frontend editor is disabled, then there were reasons for this.

В настройках WPBakery нельзя выбрать Frontend Editor

The most common reason for the absence of the Frontend editor in the settings menu is that your theme (template) does not support working in this mode. But we will not trust the theme developers and will check it personally.

To resolve the issue (source) you will need access to your theme files, any FTP client will do.

Go to YOUR_THEME\extendvc and open the extend-vc.php file for editing. If there is no such folder or file in the theme, then find and open the visual-composer-config.php file at YOUR_THEME\framework\modules\visualcomposer.

In the specified file, you need to comment out the lines:


The result should look like this:

/* if(function_exists('vc_disable_frontend')){
} */

After that, on the pages of your site in the upper admin panel, you will see a new button for editing in the front-end. The button will also appear when editing the page in the console. And if you’re lucky, the function will work without bugs. And if there are bugs, then don’t be discouraged: it is not so difficult to get used to the Backend Editor.

A full description and demo of WPBakery can be found here, and additional add-ons and extensions can be found here.

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